strip show 1 keen city 22 july - 6 september

...away into a keen
city which no-one's ever visted, where
Spring, and everyone's
in love and flowers pick themselves

(e.e. cummings, 1958)

75 comic artists and writers show works inspired by the city; past, present, future, parallel.

strip show 1: keen city showcases the greats of the British comic art scene, alongside callow youths, art students and stubborn independents. It will be the first open-submission exhibition of its kind and will reflect the current state of narrative art-making in Britain....

Exhibitors include Dave Gibbons /Alan Moore(Watchmen), Glenn Fabry (Preacher), Hunt Emerson (Jazz Funnies), Al Davison (The Spiral Cage), Bryan Talbot(The Adventures of Luther Arkwright), Steve Yeowell(The Invisibles) Geoffrey Coupland (Boo Koo Comics), Carol Swain (Way Out Strips), Rian Hughes (Invisibles, 2000 AD), Adam Dant (Donald Parsnips), Lucy Byatt (Women Out of Line), Jenny Linn-Cole, Caspar Williams (The Good Stuff), Oscar Zarate (ItÌs Dark in London), Woodrow Phoenix (Sugar Buzz), Ilya (End of the Century Club), Fraser Irving (The Man Who Learned to Fly), Kevin O'Neill(Vega: Brief lives), Mini Ha Ha, Chris Webster(Wormwood), Adrian Taylor (Dust), top RCA graduate talent and the Purr magazine veteran Billy Chainsaw, Dix and Martin Mc Carrick (Therapy?).

Al Davison will be taking a comic art workshop at 1pm and presenting The Spiral Cage Live at 6pm on Sunday 2nd of August at The Clerk¼s House as part of the exhibition.

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