Bobbitt Biscuits and Lorena's Catering Service
made and performed by studio housewife Marianne Springham, May 10, 1997

Lorena's Catering Service caters art for a wider audience. The company served at the opening of the exhibition, DOMUS, in York with a menu to fill any appetite. On the menu were Bobbitt Biscuits, shaped with a John-Wayne Bobbitt cutter and served with a choice of icing or cream. For the full effect of flavour, participants had to bite off Bobbitt's penis before any other part.

The company and work were designed to animate the process that goes into the making of art, and the fact that it does not have to be an out-of-reach and elite event but open to everyone and part of everyday life. Even the inferior process of cooking can be an art medium, but is not always respected when used as one. Undefined processes of making art are still not taken seriously; some still see the overall aesthetic as being more important than the concept behind the work.

On the opening night I served biscuits to anyone willing, answering questions like are you an artist?, do you have any work here?, with yes, I made the biscuits. Oh, just the biscuits. Yes, just the biscuits.

American translation, biscuits = cookies

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