Miranda Mason

Miranda Mason is a freelance writer on the visual and performance arts and is based in Leeds. She is particularly interested in art that intervenes in and emerges from urban landscapes. She is currently celebrating 25 years as a fan of Barry White.

Domus: North & South: A Retrospective View

Leeds Sculpture Workshop: an on the waterfront production

"Sexy Gender Baby!" by The Water Company (Struan Lesley & Anthony Psaila) @ The Studio Theatre, Leeds Metropolitan University, 25 March 1998

"In-House" by the Ballyhoo! curatorial group, an artranspenine project at 8 Chiswick Street, Burley, Leeds 4

"Untitled" by Jason E. Bowman, at 9 Weekday Croft in the Lace Market, a work for Now97 A Festival of Arts for Today, Nottingham, 18 Oct. - 16 Nov., 1998

"Dances for Tomorrow", Powerhouse 1 Showcase Theatre, Wakefield, 11 March, 1998

Muscles by Claire Charnley and Lisa Watts, Leeds City Art Gallery, 9 April 7 June 1998