Lynn Turner: Old Scores, Case History,
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Haunting Houses
Case History
A spirited girl always ready for romping and fighting, she was not at all prepared to be second to her slightly older brother; after inspecting his genital organs she had developed a pronounced envy for the penis, and the thoughts derived from this still continued to fill her mind. She was in fact a feminist; she felt it to be unjust that girls should not enjoy the same freedom as boys, and rebelled against the lot of woman in general.    
The Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman. Sigmund Freud, 1920.
The image is part of a text-image diptych (2 40"x40" c-type prints) originally comissioned for the show 'Intervening Spaces' at Darlington Arts Centre, 1993. This smaller b/w single print version was later installed in the Pankhurst Centre (dedicated to the Suffragettes), in Manchester, 1995. It has been reframed especially for 'Domus' and is available for sale. It can be printed to size.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music)
Once upon a time I saw the 1946 painting Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, by Dorothea Tanning, of young girls eavesdropping on a landing in a large house and I was reminded of a primal scene, in the Freudian sense, with the music of the title as a euphemism for the sounds of sexual activity. My version, focusing on the instability of identity, intercuts eerie shots of a similar liminal space of a stairwell/landing, without any visible protagonist, with images of myself aged 14mths taking unsteady early steps. Blown up, these images reveal my parents wedding photograph in the background and another photograph facing away from the viewer. One image retains the wedding photo, the other crops it out. Each print, mounted on steel, keeping them rigidly 'straight', is 62" high - equal to my adult height and conceptually emphasising the presence of childhood phantasies in adult mental life. Retrospectively, these phantasises do not seem to adhere only to sexuality; the union of painting and photography is a class phantasy of aspiration leading to another question of origins. The work is available for sale.