Laura Malacart: Calendar, Self-portrait with Gran, Bunch

   The gathering takes place between an olive grove north of the stated field and the sea shore.
   It is a clear day.

Frossepro: Today our conversation will concern the biological body as the "homely" site of our physical being. Let us imagine the homely turning "unheimlich", that is into its opposite .... turning "unheimlich" ....

Lippu: So, our own materiality becomes "unfamiliar" ... could it be because I cannot experience the inside of my body other than through the representation of another body's interior?

Frossepro: Very good indeed. But just think ... when we talk of "biological" or "natural" body what do we mean?

Lippu: I am afraid I have to say that those categories are obsolete ... ehm ... categories themselves are ... So, biology and nature aren't universal principals, but mere contingencies... does it mean that even death and disease and age are merely dependent on socio-historical paradigms?

Frossepro: Enough for today.