a web site made by Jenny Jones for an art exhibition "London Transport" at the Shoe-String Gallery in New Jersey, USA in October 1997. This was an exchange show with the Conductors Hallway, London.

nitty nora head explorer

an exhibition of computer generated and knitted works


an interactive Director movie forming part of her installation for the "Touching Matters" exhibition at Swiss Cottage Library Gallery, London, March/April 1998.

Jenny Jones used the computer both as tool and object. A small wooden handicrafts bobbin was lashed to the front of the computer like the victim/heroine in a silent 1920's movie, whilst on a comparatively huge scale, a knitted structure of electrical cables was suspended above the computer. Her piece explored the states of "becoming-mother" and "becoming-digital-artist".
The french knitting bobbin evokes the female form, requiring its user's interaction or work at both ends; "head work" or "body work"; a metaphor for production and reproduction. In a series of Houdini-esque interactive images, the viewer is invited to assist her escape.