The DOMUS artworks are:
Before/After 1997
Nicky Bird
audio tape, photographs, frames

Bunch 1997 ('95)
Laura Malacart
lilies, food dye, cotton, vase

Calendar 1997 ('96)
Laura Malacart
laser copies

Case History 1997 version
Lynn Turner
black & white photograph

Crocheted Bedspread 1994
Pearl Proctor
cotton thread

Des O'Presley 1996
Jo Morris
acrylic on pillow slip

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 1994
Lynn Turner
black & white photographs
mounted on galvanised steel

Gravity & Grace 1997 ('96)
Ann Coxon
tights, sugar, nails, hooks, hangers

Have your cake and eat it 1997
Ann Coxon
magnets, cake cases, letraset

Ideal Home 1996
InÈs Rae
C-type photographs, video

Lorena's Catering Service: Bobbitt Biscuits 1997
Marianne Springham

Private Life? 1994
InÈs Rae
C-type photographs mounted on MDF

Self-portrait with Gran 1997
Laura Malacart
laser copy of DNA gel, frame

Silver Spoon 1997 ('96)
Ann Coxon
tights, sugar, nails, hooks

Sweets 1997 ('96)
Ann Coxon
sweets, letraset

White Weight 1997
Ann Coxon
stockings, sugar, nails, hooks, suspenders