ba hons Designs Craft degree, specialising in Ceramic Sculpture

graduate member of the Chartered Society of Designers

member of the Midland Potters Association

"In the beginning I studied the gargoyles at Carlisle Cathedral, their character, humour and form whilst trying to define the essence that extracts such varying responses from the viewers, why I found them attractive while others found them totally repulsive. I started to question peoples' preceptions, where they originated and how well ingrained they are. Goodness and beauty have become inextricably linked within these perceptions, therefore ugly and evil have also become intertwined."

Paula Armstrong's compelling ceramic images been featured on the front page of the weekend section of the NEWS & STAR, in CERAMIC REVIEW (Sept/Oct 1997), and she has been interviewed by BORDER TV.

Potfest '97, Penrith...Laburnum Ceramic, Yanwath: ongoing...Botany Bay, Chorley: November '97