Ann Coxon: White Weight, Gravity & Grace, Silver Spoon,
Have your cake and eat it, Sweets

Recipe for a Bedroom Installation

  • approx. 7 bags white sugar (preferably Silver-Spoon)
  • 2 pairs white 15 denier tights
  • 2 pairs white 15 denier stockings
  • 2 small child-sized coat-hangers (white)
  • hooks, nails, screws

    Ensure the room is left as you found it. Hang tights, add sugar. Leave the rest to gravity and time.

    Variations on this recipe can be created using stockings, suspenders...

    Tip 1: Over time the sugar will change shape and pull on the tights even more. Watch this happening for maximum enjoyment.
    Tip 2: Do not attempt this at home.

  • Ann Coxon is an artist working mainly in installation. She has been educated at Cambridge, Derby and Leeds Universities.