ALEXANDRA AVERY is currently interested in the presentation of the 'art object', its context and relationship with the space it occupies. She wants to promote contemporary art to a wider audience and is doing this through work as an Art corespondent for Leeds student radio and as an information assistant for the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, UK. She is seeking alternative sites to put 'art' into. This may be a way to disrupt conventional space, object, spectator relationships; hopefully allowing a multiplicity of meanings to flourish. So far she has assisted Nancy Proctor with the curation of DOMUS and curated VOID?
What is VOID?
Nowhere is there a neutral space, but by accepting this the production of 'meaning' can be examined and challenged. The exhibition took the form of a transient art experience, moving several art pieces around the University of Leeds, UK- the refectory, car parks, lecture halls, walkways, the bar. The different sites allowed people access points to the pieces that they would not receive in a more traditional setting and that people who might not see art now will.
The exhibition ran from February 9th-27th, 1998.